The Veterans Wooden Boat Workshop is extremely grateful to Brian Hubert, Tania Barricklo, and the Daily Freeman for taking the time to talk about our Workshop.

A couple of things we do need to clarify. Most importantly, the workshop is not limited to Combat Veterans. We focus on and welcome ALL Veterans struggling with reintegration (they have earned the right to participate in this program).

Second, the kayak built in partnership with the Riverport Wooden Boat School and the Hudson River Maritime Museum was not done pro-bono for the Shawn M. Farrell Scholarship Fund. The Kayak Was built and given to them via an annual collaboration known as “Project for The Fallen”. We select a group or individual that works to honor the fallen heroes of our country, and surprise them with a Kayak. It is also a project that our Veterans participate in as completion of our program. This organization goes above and beyond to ensure SGT Farrell is always remembered. They deserved that Kayak and much, much more. Be sure to stop by their website and donate!

Thanks again Daily Freeman for the great article and check out our video here!

Photographs credit: Tania Barricklo of the Daily Freeman.